Unreal Commander AWARDS:

Unreal Commander is a real deal. Combining the best aspects of the most popular file managers in a single free application, it is a excellent alternative to the standard Windows file management tools! Team

 Version 2.02. Release date: April 22, 2013
  • Thumbnail mode
  • WDX plug-in support
  • Hard link creation
  • Sub tool bars in the tool bar
  • File list scaling
  • Placing network resources in the network root
  • Language file editor
  • Tattoo and glass effects for dialog windows
  • Storing the settings in the Windows registry
  • A new style for rendering list items
  • Directory hashing
  • Saving group renaming profiles
  • Quick history clearing
  • Displaying free disk space in the select disk dialog
  • Optional use of IEC standard (KiB, MiB, GiB)
  • some minor improvements

  • Some bugs when using drag’n’drop
  • Bug when going to differences found in the file comparison window
  • Bug when running a file search with specifying the file size
  • Bug when splitting a file in the same directory
  • Incorrect column widths in the synchronization window
  • FTP reconnection bug
  • Bug when dimming a background window
  • Bug when saving the ignore list
  • some minor bugs

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